Goodbyes are never easy..

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When I first saw Lebanon, it felt like heaven to me. The views, the weather, the people, the social life.. all of it was just all what I wanted. Here is exactly where I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

It’s been almost 16 years now, I loved every day of it. I loved every single thing in it.

Usually in September, my favorite weather of the year, I go for very long walks all around Beirut carrying nothing but my phone and 2000LL just in case I need a cab back to my car. I saw so many beautiful views, or maybe I felt something at that moment to see the view that beautiful.  It made feel alive.

Now, I leave to Paris. I leave behind years of beauty, laughter, chaos, family, friends, fun times, bad times. I feel like something is pulling me with my roots from the ground and placing me somewhere else.

I know its exciting to start something new. I’m so ready for it. Its just so hard to say goodbye to the streets of Beirut, the warm sunny weather, the sea, the trees, even the ground where I’ll always belong..

Here are some shots I took while walking, most of them are phone pictures..

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