Happy 14th Birthday #Google!

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Can you remember how our lives were 14 years ago? I still remember how many hours I spent researching for my school projects. How little I knew about the world. I was raised with whatever my parents and my school knew about all. Look at us now. We’re a click away from everything. I keep asking myself:

How did the past world survive without Google? How did employees succeed at their jobs without this fast reliable search engine? How did moms raise their kids? How did new wives cook for their husbands without asking Google? How did people understand other languages without the one click away translator? I can’t do any of the above without Google…

and I wonder.. What’s coming next? If I already have everything I need.. What more can I ask for.. Will my future body be equipped with a Google system to help me around, will it speak to me? Will it be in my brain? I wish I can live forever just to see where all of this is going…

Either ways, Thank you Google making our lives so much easier!

Happy 14th Birthday!

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