A visit to #LAU

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Before I left Beirut, I went to see my Ceramics teacher in the school where I graduated from.. wow, its been 7 years since I’ve been there.. *awkward silence moment in my brain*

I walked around while I waited for my teacher (Samar) to arrive to her class. I saw the school buildings, the alleyways, the trees, the stairs. Alot went through my mind while I walked around. I remembered the time I spent with my friends, the project meetings near the clock, the hangouts on Irwin stairs, running to classes, skipping classes.. everything..

It was a weird feeling to remember all of this.. sometimes it feels like it never happened and it was just a dream some day ago..

After that my brain went quiet.. I failed to know where all those years went by.. It’s not like I’m 60 or something.. but still, it was like a soft slap on the face..

I took these pictures to share it..

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