The Frog & Rosbif

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It’s sunny today in Paris. The temperature is about 23C. I couldn’t help but go out to enjoy the sun that have been missing for almost 2 weeks now!

I took the Metro and went straight to one of the most busiest areas in Paris, Chatelet. I know there are many nice cafe’s, restaurants, sitting areas that I can enjoy over there. While I walked around, I saw this…

I couldn’t believe what I read at the beginning. I did hear my French friends use this term before. It’s what they call the English, Rosbif, and the English call the French, The Frogs!

Why Frogs? why Rosbif? I’ve always wondered. I did some research and it pointed out to its long history long back where these terms where used to offend each other. It’s so strange to me. I mean, Where I come from, offensive terms are much harsher and more offensive than that. But anyhow, I’m really not into calling names, siding with anyone, politics and all of that. The name got my attention so I got in.

They speak English! Perfect! I miss the sound of this language as all I’ve been hearing for the past three weeks is French, French and more French.

I ordered my Coffee and I thought of trying one of their desserts. Everything looked yummy but I thought of trying their Apple and Blackberry Crumble. When it arrived, It didn’t appeal to me that much, but once I tried it, It completely changed my mind…. !! It’s delicious, especially with the extra cream on the side!

The place has alot of interesting thins:

Textopint: Buy your friends drinks online. It’s very simple. Order it online and your friends will receive a text message saying they have received a free drink to redeem at any of the Frogpubs.
Here is the link:

Wish you were here cards/Coaster: A lot of different people come to my mind when I go to certain places. At The Frog and Rosbif you can actually send their coasters as a post card to the people you have in mind. How brilliant is that!

“How We Brew Our Beer” Placemats: It has all the information you need on how their beer is brewed. I never knew how it’s done, but now i know🙂

Sun! The place receive direct sunlight during all the afternoon, when it’s sunny of course. The place has big windows, Wood Chairs and Tables that adds a warm feeling, and most of all friendly service.

It’s awesome for people like me to come and enjoy a cup of coffee and yummy desert. Someone here was having a burger, I think I’ll try that the next time I come here!

Here, check their cool website:


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