Getting to walk you.. Paris

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It was clear stary sky. I was around the Louvre that evening. I couldn’t help but notice the astonishing geometrical shapes it shows at night. The lights and intersection of lines are perfect.

Last time I was here was during the day, as a tourist. It was so crowded that it prevented me from seeing the beauty of this place. This time it was a bit, but not too, empty. There were Photographers, couples, friends sitting and having a chat. For couple of sweet minutes, I felt like I belonged.

I had my Canon with me and I took my time to try several shots. This period of time felt like heaven to me. Quite and peaceful for myself and thoughts.. It restarted me.

Here are my shots..

(The one above is one of my favorites.)

As I continued my walk. I saw series of bridges around Cite Island. Exactly where Pond des Art Bridge is located. Each has a different vibe, light and colors. I tried taking some long exposure shots but it was impossible. I think it’s about time I buy my self a tripod ^.^

Oh well, here is the best that I could do..

This city feels magical at night.. The best way to feel it is by taking your time to walk it..

More Photos Here

2 thoughts on “Getting to walk you.. Paris

    Florian said:
    November 10, 2012 at 6:01 am

    love it !!

    […] clear up the title, Tea Time people are a group of internationals in Paris who meet up for studio photo shooting then they all go for a cup of Tea or Hot chocolate. They rent […]

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