Who said we only have one shot?

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” a question everybody asked me when I was a little girl. I said I wanted to be a dancer. I wanted to dance my whole life! Few years later, I said I wanted to be a model, then a painter, then a photographer… The list is still adding up😐

All of these roles where sincere. At first, I thought I had some kind of multiple personality or something.. but then I learned to realize that phases come to our lives to teach us something new about ourselves to finally end up shaping our personality and our capabilities, or open up a new path.. For me, it was a mix of all..

A Dancer

The first thing I wanted to be when I was a kid was a dancer. I love music and I love dancing, whether street dancing or back up dancing on stage. The beats make my heart pump life out of my body into the ground and into the world. Any good beat or tune can get me in trance. Sometimes I feel that I’m alive because of what I’m listening to..

I went through all genres while growing up.. from Reggae to Pop to Hip-hop and Rap to trance to dub back to Reggae then now to any thing that grabs my soul..

Anyway, I couldn’t get into that because my parents were too strict to accept dancing as a respectful thing for a girl to do in life, put aside their religious point of view about this matter. I still wish I can be a dancer someday.. that could be fun to try🙂

A Model

When I grew up a little bit more.. I started wanting to be a model. If you think about it, Dancing and Modeling have Music, walking to the beat and ‘A Show’ in common..

This too went down the drain because of my parents opinions.. and let’s be real I don’t think I’ll ever have a models body😐 but I still have something to pull me toward it.. Photography. I’ll come to that a little later..

A Painter

Later on, before I graduated from school, I discovered that I love painting. I had a wonderful teacher who showed me how to use my skills and thoughts and put them on canvas.. I remember my school took one of my huge paintings and hung it at the director’s office.. I was so proud of myself! ^.^

When I graduated, I knew I loved arts and everything around it.. I love painting, I love crafts, I love colors,  I love design.. So my first option to study at university was Arts. My dad told me that Artist have rough time surviving in the Middle East. So I dropped it. I knew he was right years after I got my degree in Marketing.

A Photographer

During my marketing studies, I took a Black and White photography course. I remember that I postponed my graduation one additional year in order to take that class due to its overbooking.

I loved every day of it.. every project.. every moment.. the more I learned about photography the more I fell in love with it. After I graduated, I had in mind that someday I will get back to studying photography intensively and professionally.. and I will do it!

I keep on reading about it, attending photography meetups, practicing, researching. I know that this will never fade out of my life and I’ll keep nourishing it.

Check some of my photos here: StudioLight, Paris, Beirut, Fire.

A Crochet Designer

My nanny taught me how to crochet when I was about 7 years old. I crocheted so many things for so many people. I’ve made hats, scarves, bags, table covers and so many other things. You know that once you have the basics of Crochet, you’ll be able to make anything you want from total scratch..

During my studies, my friends thought my work was great and I should start selling it. After a while I started my own small business. I had a complete brand identity for my work. I managed to participate in many exhibitions as well as display my work in various boutiques. This gave me a chance to show my art work and my passion for creativity and share it with others.

Check some of my work here..

I had good years with my Kashkash.. But I stopped working on my project in 2010 for personal reasons but I’m planning to get back to it sometime soon. It’s a promise to myself and the people who loved my work and still pushing for it..

A Bag Designer

Between bags and shoes, I’m a sucker for Bags! I love it. I can buy so many bags without a single regret. Most of all bags, I love the creative crazy ones.

I love coming up with new ideas, or new solutions on how to carry everything without taking so much space or adding weight..

I spent a lot of time sketching and researching for new ideas to an extent that I thought of applying for bag designer jobs. So I tried to reach out to a couple of companies, but I got no replies. I think someone like a bag designer should at least have a full portfolio and have studied this at some point.

When I first got into the advertising world. I discovered that I like to use short sentences to express a photo, a product, a feeling or a situation.

I got few copy writing projects. I did well on some but that’s about it when it came to copy writing. The phase faded out.

A Blogger
I have so many ideas, so many thoughts, so many wondering. I like to share my experiences. I like to recommend places, products, things to do. So I started This Is Waf, and it’s been fun so far🙂 Will it fade? Will it not? Either ways, I’m still eager to find the next one and learn more from it.

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