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Back in the days, exchange of Business Cards that had your Phone Number and Email were more than enough to get in touch. But now.. this is not even close to being enough! People EXPECT to know more than your cell and your email.

With the growth of the Social Media Platforms, you can easily lose track of how many profiles you have online. From Facebook, to Twitter, to LinkedIn, to Flickr, to Google+ and many born and unborn Social websites.

So I came across and solved my problem!

It’s a simple free of charge website that acts as a centralized page of all your online profiles/pages. You don’t need to add zillion links and icons to your Personal Info, CV, email signature or Business Cards to tell people more about you. It’s one simple home page of all your Pages.

Here is how it works:

1) Sign Up with your Name and Email
2) Upload a Photo of yourself or of interest
3) Write your bio
4) Add your profile/pages apps and links
5) Add your link to where you find suitable (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, CV, Email Signature.. etc)
.. et Viola!

Ways to interact:

1) Fave someone’s page by clicking on the Star Icon under the name

2) Connect through Twitter or LinkedIn

3) Share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook Icon: Share

4) Here where it gets Interesting! Compliments! You can compliment anyone or get complimented by anyone else as well by clicking on one of these Icons: Icon: Compliment

5) and finally Email. You can claim your free email at anytime! Icon: Email

Most importantly  you can also get user friendly stats on what’s going on on your page from your dashboard. That includes number of views, where their clicks are going, what they’re checking and all the info and fun you can get from numbers.

Bottom line, the site is a Win.

Here is my

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