8 Things to do in Hong Kong & Few Secrets

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If you’re looking for an extraordinary new experience then I suggest you visit Hong Kong at least once in your life time. My husband and I decided to spend New Year’s Eve and visit our close family in there. It was a trip of a lifetime. I’ve put together list of obvious things to do in Hong Kong along with some inside info secrets like things to eat, to see and to experience. I’ve also added useful info on how to get around.

1. Eat Buns
So first is first, once your arrive to Hong Kong airport, take the airport express train to Tsing Yi station(metro info available below), exit the station directly to the mall and head directly to Tong Kee Bao Dim and order Buns. Its a puffed ball made of rice filled with a flavor paste of your choice. I tried the Lotus Paste Bun and its YUM! Warm, juicy and delicious! I even had to have one last bun right before I left to the airport. You know, just to say goodbye..

You can find the address and reviews over Here.20140226-160557.jpg

2. Drink Tea with Flavored Jelly
So since you’re still in Tsing Yi, look for a shop called Gong Cha. It’s a tea shop that serves all kinds of asian tea. I can’t say its yummy but I had to try it. Trust me its a strange feeling chewing jelly thingies while sipping your tea. What to choose? Well, I did the Eeni Meeni Miney Mo and got a yellow drink with red jellies( i have no clue what it was). It wasn’t bad. My husband ordered Cold Green Tea with Milk and Seaweed Jellies. Now that was so freakin’ disgusting! My sister, who lives in Hong Kong and probably tried everything, ordered her favorite Cold Green Tea with Milk without any jellies.. It was actually good. So order this if you wanna be safe. If not, go crazy and do just like me.

You can find the address and reviews over Here.20140226-160640.jpg20140226-160646.jpg

3. Mong Kok Street, Ladies Market and a Polaroid Photo
This is where you really see Hong Kong. The crowd, the music, the smell of strange food, the ladies market, and the best coffee you can ever have! You simply take Metro color red or green and stop at Mong Kok Station. Take the main exit and enjoy the walk.20140226-160720.jpg
From Mong Kok station, you can also take the Ladies Market Exit to see one of the famous street markets run by women. They sell all kinds of souvenirs. They are famous for their price negotiations but put in the mind that prices are still higher than other souvenir shops even after the discount. so I advice you to buy your souvenirs somewhere else.

The most important thing to do in Mong Kok is to find Chun_Wing and let him capture you in a memorable Polaroid photo in the streets of Hong Kong. To find him, look for a stylish photographer with a hat and big a$$ polaroid camera. He has a display of all his photos in the middle of the main street. You won’t miss him. This is my photo below, one of my favorite ever. It summarizes all my Hong Kong experience in one beautiful photo.20140226-162014.jpg

4. 18 Grams.. I rather call it Flat White from Heaven
If you’re not into coffee then skip this part. This place! What can I say? I’ve never had a cup of coffee that blew my mind ever in my life. I dont know what is it about it. The mixture of Arabica and Robusta? The creamy milk? I just dont know. All I know is that I can drink 10 of these without realizing that I’d be awake for the next few months. The coffee shop is also famous for its brunches but I didn’t have the chance to try it.

Anyway, they have a branch in Mong Kok Street. You know, since you’re already there😉

You can find the address and reviews over Here and website Here.20140226-164923.jpg

5. Visit The Peak of course!
The Peak is one of the most important touristic sites of Hong Kong. The panoramic view of the city is breathe taking. The whole experience is interesting. You start off by taking the ancient Tram from Garden Road at the bottom of the city and go directly up to the peak within 15 minutes. There is a point on the way where everything looks diagonal. Yup, scary but worth it!
Make sure to plan your trip at late afternoon to benefit from both day/night view.

You can find the address and website over Here.20140226-162549.jpg

6. The Avenue of Stars
If you’re a photographer and you’re visiting at night then you’ll need a Tripod for that. It’s a long pedestrian street by the sea that has the hand imprints of famous Asian Actors, and all Cinema related statues, just like the one in Hollywood.

Most of all, it has this view:20140227-131422.jpg<img src=”https://thisiswaf.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/20140227-131427.jpg” alt=”20140227-131427.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full”
You can find the address and website over Here.

7.The Big Buddha
Visiting The Big Buddha is a great way to see Hong Kong’s mountains and nature views. You’ll need to take a Cable Car from Tung Chung(MTR Orange) and enjoy the ride up. The visit in total will take you up to 3 hours max so be prepared with food and water.

You can find the address and website over Here.20140227-133119.jpg

8. Man Mo Temple, Classified, and The Food Market
I honestly preferred this Temple over The Big Buddha. The smell of burnt scents, watching people pray, its so very spiritual. I felt it in my core. If it wasn’t for the smoke I would’ve spent the whole day there.

You can find the address and website over Here.20140227-134703.jpg20140227-161222.jpg20140227-161230.jpg

Once you’re done. Leave the temple and take your right. Few steps and you’ll reach a Coffee Shop called Classified. Very international, simple and modern. My sister says it has great coffee and wide selection of wine and cheese but that day I needed something fresh. So I tried their fresh squeezed apple juice… yes the apple juice is from heaven too.
Check their website Here.

If you’re not tired yet, look around for the food market where you’ll find fruits and vegetables you’ve never seen before in your life. You’ll be able to feel the contrast between the local simple life of Hong Kong situated between its high modern towers.

Useful Info
1. The best time to go to Hong Kong is during December and January. The weather during this time is not too cold and most importantly it is not too humid.
2. Qatar airways have one of the best prices for airplane tickets. Their economy seats are spacious and very comfortable. They also have a wide selection of digital entertainment. You won’t even need to charge your laptop or tablet.
3. In Hong Kong, if you’re going to be using the metro all day then its cheaper to buy the full day touristic metro card for less than 5€.
4. Busses are very cheap and they pass by the major attractions and roads. Also you get to see the city while cruising. They are very easy to use. Make sure to have the exact amount of money as the driver does not pay back the change. You can check the price of your ticket at the bus stop. Every list of stops has a certain price. So first check at which stop you’re standing and you’ll be able to figure out the price.
3. All streets have MTR sign to direct you. If you’re lost, follow the sign to reach the nearest metro station. The sign looks like this:
And below is the metro map.
To buy your ticket from the machine, all you need to do is click on the station you want to go to and the machine will give you the price. You insert the cash and you receive the ticket.
4. Taxies are affordable. The price gets higher once you cross from one island to another. Red taxis are more expensive but will accept taking you anywhere. Other colors are cheaper but they only stay in certain locations.

So here is it. I’d love to visit this city again. I’d like to learn more about it’s culture. So if you ever went to Hong Kong share with me your experience. If you’re planning to go, then I hope my list was helpful. Leave me a comment!

Check out more of my trip photos Here.

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